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Research & Development

IKAR will go the extra-mile in order to find or develop the technology and design your product requires.
From attending conventions and expositions, to keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion and technology trends, we do the research.


We can work with all types of materials and finishing applications. Moisture wicking, anti-microbial, cooling, heating, bonding, you name it. Working with the top suppliers, we will incorporate the most suitable solution to the design and functionality expected.


Our Efforts

With finite resources and growing consumption as two of the top industry challenges, we have set different focus areas to deal with these burning issues:

IKAR is highly invested in various sustainability areas.
We strive to reduce the ecological footprint of our products and
processes, to help create a better tomorrow.




Encouraging responsible material utilization and implementing the use of recycled yarns, trims, and packages.

Industrial efficiency

Our flagship project for sustainability is the upgrade of our dyeing machines, resulting in the reduction of water and electricity usage by more than 60%!

Cutting-edge developments

We invest a large portion of our resources in creating high-tech sustainable solutions and products to reduce the impact on our planet.

Process optimization

We aim for a continuous improvement across our supply chain and
manufacturing processes, to achieve our goals of more sustainable products and packaging.
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