Our Mission

To Enable a Seamless Development and Production Experience

About Us

IKAR is a leader in state-of-the-art apparel design and manufacturing solutions. We offer a broad range of underwear, shapewear and activewear lines. From design to development, through efficient production, IKAR delivers superior quality and fit – all fully customized to meet your brand needs.

We are providing our customers with a fully vertical service that includes in-house R&D, design and technical solutions. Together with our customers, we are creating winning products, from opening price points to high-end programs.


Our Story


Our original core business was the import of raw materials, specializing in synthetic yarns and fibers.


Our original core business was the import of raw materials, specializing in synthetic yarns and fibers.


From fiber to garment, IKAR began the development and production of seamless apparel in China, manufacturing for the largest brands and retailers.

New York

Establishing our permanent presence in the USA, growing our US customer base.

Internal QC

Setting up an internal quality control and technical support team located in China.



Expanding our production capabilities to new countries of origin, allowing improved manufacturing flexibility.



IKAR was founded in 1988 to specialize in synthetic yarns that were sold in the Israeli textile market. In 2002, IKAR was acquired by Svav-or,  a company owned by the Ron-Ronkin family, that at that time was specializing in cotton and natural fibers. Svav-or and IKAR were merged to create a fuller solution to sourcing of both synthetic and natural yarns for the Israeli textile industry.

During 2003, IKAR began the development and production of seamless apparel in China, and was one of the first manufacturers to produce seamless in east Asia. IKAR has become one of the leading seamless design and manufacturing companies in the world, servicing its advanced intimate, active, shaping and maternity apparel to its customers in North America and Europe.

With 30 years of experience in the textile industry, from fiber to garment, IKAR specializes in the development and manufacturing of fully customized products.


Eyal Ron Ronkin


Since 2003 Eyal drives IKAR’s strategic vision, technology and marketing activities. Eyal has a B.Sc in Agricultural Sciences from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel.

Fun Fact: Whether it's a musical, show or an art exhibition, Eyal has a special place in his heart for culture!


Dmitri Bolotin


Dmitri leads IKAR’s advanced seamless textile technologies and textile innovations. Dmitri is in the textile industry since 1999, with experience in working with the largest brands in the field.

Fun Fact: Dmitri can point out every country’s capital on the map. He even knew where is “São Tomé and Príncipe”, did you?


Amit Ron Ronkin

VP Business Development

Since 2010, Amit is responsible of customer acquisitions and new business prospecting at IKAR. Amit has a BA in Psychology and Business Management from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Fun Fact: Amit played professional volleyball for the Israeli national team.


Natalie Kaufman

VP Operations & Customer Service

Nathalie leads the daily operations at IKAR, including production management and customer support. Nathalie is an honored BA in Asian studies, majoring in Chinese, and philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Fun Fact: Nathalie is a gifted choir singer!


Avi Manes

Managing Director, Asia

Avi Joined IKAR in 2019. He is responsible for Asia production and quality. Avi has a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from The Technion university, Haifa, Israel, And a Master degree in Business management from Polytechnic NY.

Fun Fact: Avi’s passion is traveling and exploring different cultures. For two years, Avi had lived in Ethiopia as one of the only two westerners in he's city.


Sivan Abuhav

Managing Director, Europe

Sivan leads IKAR’s European business, responsible for new customer acquisition and growth. Sivan has a BA in economy and business management from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Fun Fact: Sivan is really into renovating furniture. steel, wood or leather, she will fix it all!


Roi Ballin

Managing Director, North America

Roi leads IKAR’s New York office, responsible for US customer acquisition and new business prospecting. Roi has a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering from Shenkar Academy, Israel.

Fun Fact: Roi is a home-brewer, bottling more than 500 gallons of beer a year.


Reut Nevo

Creative Director

Reut leads IKAR’s design team and is responsible for researching trends in the relevant markets from runway and retail to trade sources in order to create unique macro and micro trend stories for clients in addition to creating new innovative collections. Reut has a BA in Communication and Art History from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Fun Fact: Reut is an avid traveler and is always on a quest to discover new and interesting places.  

Giving Back

IKAR regularly gives back to the community, by donating to the following social non-profit organizations: