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About Us

Our story begins in 1985 as a family-owned company named Svav-Or, an importer of natural yarns to the local textile industry. In 2002, we acquired IKAR, enabling the expansion of our yarn portfolio. Soon after, in 2003, IKAR began focusing on finished products - specializing in seamless technology. The main goal – developing and manufacturing top-quality finished products for leading brands and retailers around the globe. To this day, we strive to inspire a creative spirit with great working vibes and cooperation.

IKAR is a leader in state-of-the-art apparel design and manufacturing solutions. We offer a broad range of underwear, shapewear and activewear lines. From design to development, through efficient production, IKAR delivers superior quality and fit – all fully customized to meet your brand needs.

We provide our customers with a full vertical service that includes in-house R&D, design, and technical solutions. Together with our customers, we create winning products, delivering superior quality and fit – all fully customized to meet your brand's needs. We put our heart and soul into everything we do – from innovation-driven research & development, through great investments into the hype, up-to-date designs and all the way to efficient and environmentally aware production processes

The Leadership Team


Since 2003, Eyal has been driving IKAR’s strategic vision,technology, and marketing activities.

Eyal has a B.Sc in Agricultural Sciences from the Hebrew University,Jerusalem, Israel.

Eyal Ron Ronkin



Noam manages the UK and EU Customers at IKAR. She leads IKAR’s UK and EU business, responsible for new customer acquisition and growth. Noam has a LLB in law from the Hebrew University, Israel.

Noam Kenan Ben Natan

Managing Director

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Amit joined IKAR in 2010 and played a pivotal role in its growth. From 2012 to 2017, he opened and managed IKAR's US branch after relocating to New York City. Amit's expertise and passion lies in innovation, technology, and sustainability.

In September 2023, Amit assumed the role of IKAR's CEO. He holds a BA in Psychology and Business Management from IDC University. In his earlier years, Amit played professional volleyball and still enjoys a good match today.

Amit Ron Ronkin


MVIMG_20210826_075206 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Roi leads IKAR’s New York office, and is responsible for US customer acquisition and new business prospecting. Roi has a B.Sc in IndustrialEngineering from Shenkar Academy, Israel.

Roi Ballin

Managing Director


Nathalie leads the daily operations at IKAR, includingproduction management and customer support. Nathalieis an honored BA in Asian studies, majoring in Chinese,and philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Natahalie Kaufman



Sivan leads Ikar’s design team and is responsible for researchingand analyzing relevant market trends in order to bring forwardinnovative design concepts and new cutting edge developmentsfor our clientele. Sivan has a B.Ed.Des in Fashion design andeducation from Wizo academy, Israel.

Sivan Elbaz

VP Design


Avi Joined IKAR in 2019. He is responsible for Asia production andquality. Avi has a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from The Technionuniversity, Haifa, Israel, And a Master degree in Businessmanagement from Polytechnic NY.

Avi Manes

General Manager Asia


Wiebke manages the European Office in Germany. She oversees allSales and Business Development Activities. Wiebke has a BA inFashion Journalism & Communication and has worked with some ofthe biggest Brands and Retailers in the European Market.

Wiebke Miltenberger

Director of Buisness Development EU


Tech Services

Boots-on-ground technical specialists for an accurate and speedy garment development experience.



From concept to product, we design for a diverse portfolio of customers.



Using patented technologies and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we bring innovative ideas to life.



Smart product design and efficient production resulting in high-quality products at a competitive cost.

Our products can be found at
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